One face, many hairstyles

Hair Concept 3D ist ein Frisurensimulations-Programm für Android Tablets und zum Einsatz in Friseur- und Schönheitssalons gedacht.

Speaking in Pictures

You and your client can express in terms of images what you like. No misunderstandings, but guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Full Face, Semi-Profile and Profile

Hair Concept 3D shows each hairstyle from three perspectives. Many haircuts can be much better appreciated when examined from all perspectives.

Virtual hairstyling consultation

After the image has been captured, the virtual hairstyling session can begin immediately. Use your finger to swipe the next hairstyle onto the screen from the left or from the right.

Large Interest

Many clients are actively searching for a possibility to test virtual hairstyles with their face (hairstlye makeover tryout). Unfortunately, all freely available solutions for end-customers are insufficient and are not comparable to the quality and professionality of Hair Concept 3D, which is exclusively available for hairdressers.

Customer Self-Service

Using Hair Concept is easy as pie. You can confidently let your tablet to your clients, for instance during waiting times.

Quick Usage

You can quickly take a picture of your customer using your tablet's built-in camera. To help you adjust the hairstyle to your client's face from each perspective, an auxiliary line will be displayed on the screen.

New Styles on a Regular Basis

In its basic configuration, 90 hairstyles are included (each shown from three perspectives), and additional styles are available for download. To incorporate the hottest trends, new hairstlyle packages are being released on a regular basis. Here können Sie die derzeit verfügbaren Frisurenpakete ansehen. See our hairstyle portfolio

Each style from three perspectives

Hair Concept 3D is the absolutely only software on the market allowing you to show your customers from three perspectives how they would look like with a new hairstyle. In addition to the conventional full-face portrait, you can take the pictures in three-quarter and in profile view. All hairstyles included in Hair Concept 3D can be displayed from these three angles, combined on the screen with your customers' portrait — both in the Catalog view and in the Detail view.

Virtual coloring made easy

We have also improved the colorizing capabilities of Hair Concept drastically. There is no need to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and temperature manually each time any more. Now, ready-made presets for each hairstyle are only one click away.

Coloring previews

Hairstyles can be filtered by color in two different ways. Like in previous versions of the software, you can choose to view all hairstyles of a certain color (for example, red). But now you can also choose one or more target colors (for example, red and auburn) to view all hairstyles that can be dyed to those colors. To use this feature, tap on the "Color" button.

The image on the left illustrates the filtering of haircuts by their original color. On the right, you can see how the hairstyles would look after applying the target colors.

New icons

Hair Concept 3D's smart interface puts all its features at your fingertips. Instead of searching through complicated menus, you can access all of its features by tapping on user-friendly icons.

Favorites and Landscape View

The Favorites have been revamped completely. Now you can see up to 6 favorites at a time, which makes comparing them so much easier. Moreover, now both the favorites and the catalog views work in landscape mode as well.

Two viewing modes

You can switch between the Catalog view and the Detail view at any given time. In the overall view, two hairstyles are shown from three perspectives. Each of these images can be zoomed in and displayed separately.

Contains Style Atlas

Instead of using a portrait of your client, you can switch to the Atlas mode. In this mode, a neutral model face is shown instead of your customer’s picture, just like in our digital hairstyle-book "Style Atlas".


Hair Concept is available in German, English, French, Italian Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.

Impressive Features:

You can add all hairstyles being particularly interesting to your favorites. Later on, you can compare all of them side-by-side.
You want to see blonde and short hairstyles only? No problem, you can pre-select hairstyles, filtering them by color and by length.
Adjusting and Coloring
You can customize each and every hairstyle further. The volume as well as the color of every style can be influenced freely.

Top-notch vocational training:

Hair Concept is a great tool to improve the training of hairdressing apprentices in professional schools.

Instead of learning theoretical rules, which hairstyle suits which face, the students can experience and understand these rules with their own eyes (see also our list of links related to the usage of tablet PC in professional schools, link list, in German .


Hair Concept 3D is a professional software intended for hairdresser salons and professional schools. Hair Concept 3D is not available to the public via the Google Play Store, but exclusively via our authorized distributors.

List of authorized distributors

Price list

No monthly or yearly fee applies. All prices are one-time payments. VAT not included.

NameName Description Number of hairstyles Price
Hair Concept 3D Software license for one Android device 90 230,00 €
Additional hairstyle packages
Click on each update package to view the hairstyles it contains.
Art and Style Haute couture and tournament styles 20 35,00 €
Business Class Elegant styles for business life 20 35,00 €
Elegance Elegant hairstyles fitting your evening dress 20 35,00 €
Dabs of color Hairstyles with many colorful highlights 15 25,00 €
Funky Anything but boring 30 45,00 €
Best ager Hairstyles for older clients 15 25,00 €
Men’s Men’s hairstyles 78 79,00 €
Updos Updos and wedding styles 30 45,00 €
Young Fresh hairstyles for young people 20 35,00 €
Classics Standard and very common hairstyles 27 45,00 €
Long hair Hairstyles with long hair 20 35,00 €
Curls Curly hairstyles 30 45,00 €
Trend Current trends 15 25,00 €
Passe-Partout A selection of hairstyles that suit most people well 20 35,00 €
Trend 2016 Die aktuellen Trends des Jahres 2016 75 99,00 €
Bundle of all additional packages 435 643,00 €
Offer: all additional packages together 435 509,00 €