This video gives a first impression of Hair Concept 3D.

Hier finden Sie eine Video-Anleitung, die Schritt-für-Schritt erklärt, wie Sie die neueste Version von Hair Concept 3D auf Ihr Tablet installieren können.


Full Face, Semi-Profile and Profile

Hair Concept 3D shows each hairstyle from three perspectives. Many haircuts can be much better appreciated when examined from all perspectives.

Always up-to-date trends

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Free hairstyle choice

Hair Concept 3D comes with 90 hairstyles , each in three perspectives. Our hairstyle shop offers more than 900 hairstyles in total that you can choose from.


Quick Usage

You can quickly take a picture of your customer using your tablet's built-in camera. To help you adjust the hairstyle to your client's face from each perspective, an auxiliary line will be displayed on the screen.

Customer self service

Using Hair Concept is easy as pie. You can confidently let your tablet to your clients, for instance during waiting times.

Scope of application

Hairdresser's salons

Hair Concept 3D was initially developed for the hands of the hairdresser. All features are perfectly tuned to the usual consultation procedures in a hairdresser's salon.

Professional Schools

Hair Concept is a great tool to improve the training of hairdressing apprentices in professional schools, see also here (only in German).

Style consultants

The hairstyle is one of the building blocks of every style and image consultation. With the help of Hair Concept 3D it is possible to harmonize the hairstyle perfectly with the other components of the consultation.

Wig salons

Also when searching a wig, Hair Concept 3D can be of great help. After having identified the favored hairstyle, the corresponding wig model can be found easily.

The completely new navigation pattern of Hair Concept 3D is based on „tabs“. Via these always available buttons at the top of the screen, all important interfaces are just one click away. Getting lost in Hair Concept 3D is impossible now.


Hair Concept is available in German, English, French, Italian Portuguese, Polish and Spanish.

Full Face, Semi-Profile and Profile

Hair Concept 3D shows each hairstyle from three perspectives. Many haircuts can be much better appreciated when examined from all perspectives.

System requirements

Hair Concept 3D is compatible with all Android devices starting with Android version 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1) and newer. We recommend to use a tablet with a high quality camera (at least 5 MP image resolution).

Features by professionals for professionals:

Detail and list view
These two fully customizable views offer a broad overview, as well as detailed insights in every single style.
Before vs. after
You can display and compare a picture how your currentlook before In der Einzelansicht können Sie ein Vorherbild des Kunden direkt neben dem neuen Frisuren-Entwurf einblenden, indem Sie das Tablet in das Querformat drehen.
You can add all hairstyles being particularly interesting to your favorites. Later on, you can compare all of them side-by-side.
Sie wollen nur blonde Kurzhaar-Frisuren? Kein Problem, sie können die Auswahl nach über 60 Schlagwörtern vorfiltern.
Deform and colorize
You can customize each and every hairstyle further. The volume as well as the color of every style can be influenced freely.
You can mirror all captured images horizontally in order to show the same picture to your client that he or she sees when looking into a mirror.
Storing all projects
Every client ist stored into a project that you can reuse even weeks and months later.

Zur Nutzung von Hair Concept 3D ist ein monatliches oder jährliches Abonnement notwendig.


Im Abonnement haben Sie Zugriff auf alle verfügbaren Frisuren (Stand Mai 2017: 944 Stück). Alle neu erscheinenden Frisuren werden Ihnen auch automatisch und ohne Zusatzkosten zur Verfügung gestellt.


Die Miete bzw. Buchung des Abonnements erfolgt direkt über den Google Play Store. Wenn Sie Hair Concept 3D öffnen sehen Sie unser Angebot.

Name Preis pro Monat
Monatsabonnement 42,00 € netto
49,99 € inkl. 19% deutsche MwSt.
Jahresabonnement 24,51 € netto
29,17 € inkl. 19% deutsche MwSt.
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