Hair Concept for Android Tablets

Virtual Hairstyling Software for Android Tablets

Virtual hairstyling, shipping with 150 haircuts in full-face view (Basic Edition)
additional hairstyle packages available (with 30 haircuts each)
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Style Atlas

Hair Concept includes the Style Atlas, which allows you to try all hairstyles on a neutral model face.


Selected hairstyles can be displayed in a list of Favorites.

Customer Self-Service

The app is very easy to use. Your customers will be able to browse and choose a hairstyle on their own from anywhere in your saloon.

Quick Usage

Mit der im Tablet integrierten Kamera wird das Kundengesicht blitzschnell aufgenommen. Durch die Gesichtslinie, die während der Aufnahme eingeblendet wird, ist die Anpassung der Frisur an des Gesicht des Kunden erleichtert.

Virtual hairstyling consultation

After the image has been captured, the virtual hairstyling session can begin immediately. Use your finger to swipe the next hairstyle onto the screen from the left or from the right.